The order of the rules listed in your workflow automators page determines when your rules will trigger. 

Sometimes you will encounter a situation where a workflow of a higher order will undo the actions performed by an earlier workflow. For example, if you create a new incident ticket, not all the workflow automations configured in your service desk will execute. Only those that are set up to execute when an incident is created will execute.   

This is why it is important to 
order your business rules in relation to other business rules that will execute simultaneously.

Here are some 
recommendations to order your workflows.

Changes or updates to ticket values. Any automation that changes ticket values, such as status, priority, or field value, should be listed first. These rules can impact ticket assignments and notifications.

2. Ticket assignments. Automations that assign tickets to groups or individual agents should be listed next.
Notifications. Automations configured to send notifications to users should be listed last. This ensures that the system makes any necessary changes before you send out email notifications.

If you find that your workflow is not executed in the expected order, follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue,

  1. Under the Ticket list page, click on the ticket to analyze the workflows executed for the ticket.

  2. Navigate to the Activities tab and scroll through the ticket activities section to observe the order in which the workflows are executed.

    Check the workflow execution order under ticket activities

  3. If you find any discrepancies, check for the action and condition blocks of the workflow that did not execute in the expected order.

  4. If two workflows have overlapping actions or conditions, they will execute as per the order defined in the workflow automator. 

  5. It is recommended to avoid conflicts between automation rules that modify the action performed by another rule.

  6. Make the necessary changes in the workflows to avoid conflicts and save the workflow.

  7. Also, to change the order of rule execution,

    1. Click the Reorder button under workflow automator page.

    2. Drag and drop the rules in the correct order.

    3. Click on Save to finalize the order.

      Reordering workflows under Workflow Automator

Please reach out to if the problem persists, and our Support Specialist will assist you in resolving the issue.