Sections form the building blocks for your page template. You can add sections based on how you want to design your page template and populate them with widgets as needed. Hover between sections to see the button, click on it to add sections. 

Section types

  • Sections are classified based on the number of columns you require in them. (Max column count is 4)

  • Each column can accommodate multiple widgets. 

  • Rename your sections for easy reference

Add Widget


  • Drag and drop an image widget when you need to add images to a section.

  • Define size and alternate text.

  • If you want your image to be clickable, add the link that the image needs to point to.

Note: Larger images might take a while to upload. Images larger than 35MB cannot be uploaded. 


  • Add buttons to your sections to have call to actions for specific needs.

  • Pick from four types of buttons: Primary, secondary, warning, Link or custom.

  • Add custom buttons when you want customized colours and text styles.

  • Add the button text and link to redirect to.

Note: Live preview is not supported for custom buttons in Firefox browser. You can use the Full preview mode instead. 


Drag and drop cards to create them. Click on Card properties tab to configure your cards. 

  • Adding icons: Add card icons of your choice or choose from the default ones. 
    Note: Same image cannot be used as icons for different cards

  • Card text and links: Add title and description for your cards along with their translations. Add the link to where the card has to point.

  • Card Template: Pick one from the following three variations of card templates:

    • Side-by-side icon to the left, text to the right

    • Side-by-side icon to the right, text to the left

    • Stacked icon on top, text at the bottom (center aligned)

  • Add accessibility data - ARIA attributes: Aria attributes like role and label can be provided directly to support the accessibility. Aria-label enables you to give short information about the element (card) to users who use screen readers to read the page

  • Visibility: Define visibility for cards under Configure Elements tab.


1. How to remove the cards support portal? 

Go to Global Settings Admin, then to Service Desk Rebranding, and select Customize Support Portal. Click any one of the cards view to access the following option. By clicking on the eye icon, you can adjust its visibility.