Note: This is a Virtual agent enhancement and it's available on both Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Freshservice’s Virtual Agent enables your employees to find the right answers or services for their frequent queries. But when they are unable to get the right responses, they raise a ticket to your agent increasing the ticket load for your support teams.

With Feedback controls and Hybrid responses, you can reduce the number of times your employees resort to ticket creation by giving them more control over Virtual Agent’s responses to their queries. 

  1. Hybrid response - Shows a combination of solution articles and service items when a query is ambiguous and allows requesters to see more responses of a specific type.

  2. Feedback controls - Allows requesters to make Virtual Agent search for more responses of a different type (solution articles or service items) if the first batch of responses is not helpful.

Hybrid responses

With Hybrid responses, Virtual Agent can now respond with a mix of relevant solution articles and service items. Additionally, employees can choose to see more responses of a type (solution articles or service items) if the first batch of responses is not helpful.

You see hybrid responses when:

  • A query is ambiguous and does not clearly signify if it requires solution articles or service items
 as response


  • Virtual agent finds both service items and solution articles as matches to a query

When you see a mix of relevant articles and service items, and if one of these are helpful, you can click on it to proceed. Otherwise, if you need more helpful responses, you can choose to see either “More solution articles” or “More service items” by clicking on these options. 

Feedback controls

There are scenarios when there is an irrelevant type of responses for a query, i.e. solution articles instead of service items or vice-versa. In such cases, employees can make the Virtual Agent change response type and search for the required documents.

Requesters can select “Search solution articles” or “Search service items” if they are not satisfied with the initial response and want to see a different type of response.