Sample Use Case - How to add a user to a team in Asana from the Workflow Automator.

Here’s a sample workflow to demonstrate the use of the Orchestration app to add a user to a team from the Workflow Automator.

Step 1:

  Create the Event when a Service Request is raised. Followed by a condition node to check whether the service request is raised for Asana.

Step 2:

  Get the Workspace ID (gid) from the action “Get workspace By Name”.

Step 3:

    Pull in the app node and select the action “Get Team in an organization with name”, Give the input for workspace_gid as the output from the previous action and the name of the team

Step 4: Pull in the action “Add User to a team” and give the input for team_gid as the output of the previous action, (gid of the team). And the user as the “requested for”


Step 5: Add a condition node to check the status code and finally add a note to the ticket.