Freshservice is rolling out a new and improved ticket table view in a phased-wise manner to increase your team’s efficiency with a robust and clutter-free user experience. 

  • Frontend framework change for low code/no-code platform to simplify the process for business users
  • Modernized user interface that is accessible and inclusive 
  • Key Feature enhancements to improve the agent's experience

Timeline for Roll out: From 15th December 2021 - 3rd March 2022

Why are we changing the Ticket Table view?

We are modernizing the framework with a refreshing user interface that will accelerate your application performance while making it accessible for everyone. We have created clean, intuitive experiences that we can all understand and use more efficiently:

  • Faster application performance with improved discoverability of elements on the user interface
  • Delightful animation for seamless transitions & voice over command
  • Improved consistency across components without affecting the legacy behavior
  • Reduced number of clicks with improved proximity of elements 
  • Added Color contrasts, visual elements, and tooltips (hoverable content) to differentiate easily
  • Optimize real estate with icons and labels

What’s Changing?

Let’s have a detailed understanding of what is changing in the ticket table view:

Star your favorite view

Star your favorite view to access the custom category of tickets faster. When you save a ticket view after filtering tickets based on properties, you can easily add a star to mark it as a favorite. If you change your mind, click the star again to remove it. 

When you filter tickets based on a specific property, visual indication on-screen will prompt whether you want to create a view to easily access that ticket. The visual indicator will provide agents guidance and affordance.

Row indicator as accessible focus indicator

Row indicator will work as a visual cue to the desired ticket. The focus indicator will highlight the ticket the agent desires to look into. While using the keyboard to traverse, the up/down arrow keys can perform shortcut actions. The agent can delve into the details by clicking the subject line of the ticket.


Improved consistency in merge ticket flow & executive scenario flow

The "merge ticket option" & “execute scenario flow” will be available as a slider in the new version to improve consistency across the design. The slider will open on the right side of the screen without hindering the main content in the center of the page.

Bulk update slider

The bulk update is available as a slider with an add reply option to act. The add reply option has a Canned response icon available to add predetermined responses right away. The agents can select shared and personal canned responses on the go, with content getting displayed right inside the accordion itself instead of a new page.

We have also utilized real estate by keeping dropdown fields in a single line for clutter-free access. We have indicated group and agent as dependent fields. The slider will also show the selected count of tickets.

Assign to dropdown

Assign to dropdown is redesigned with group and agents tab to move back & forth between multiple groups and agents. The clear distinction between groups and agents will make it more intuitive for users to find what they are looking for. 

Quickly access the ticket filter icon.

We have relocated the filter icon, for agents, to access easily; the icon was away from the filter toggle button bar in the legacy version. To remove a selection in the filter, Now you have an "x” (cancel) icon present instead of the "any" option.

Export Ticket 

We support multiple languages on the Freshservice agent-facing interface; language change impacts the real estate used for an element. We have introduced icons instead of text for Ticket export to bring consistency and scannability. The export ticket will now open as a slider without impeding the agent’s experience.

Date range picker 

The date-picker is now effortless to set the date range (select a custom date for exporting tickets). The overall view of from & to date is seamless with reduced clicks, making it heuristic and intuitive for users.

Table loading indicator

Experience modern & progressive loading with pleasant, shimmer-based animated table loading indicator instead of static legacy’s spinner-based indicator for a seamless transition. 

Apply filter button and other enhancements in Filter option 

We have introduced the "apply filter" button to improve accessibility. It can be used to enhance the performance and fetch results faster from the database. Earlier, when agents added filter parameters, data transactions happened sequentially with each parameter. We have added a reset option in the filter. Now you can also search fields for faster results.

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