Your employees spend the majority of their time collaborating on MS Teams with their co-workers to get work done.Your employees often reach out to your IT Teams/Agents by messaging on MS Teams channel instead of going to the IT support portal to raise a ticket. 

How can your IT Agents quickly respond to your employee requests while at the same time create tickets and log the issues that they are working upon?

Announcing the capability to create tickets from direct messages within MS Teams. Your agents need not have to switch tabs or tools to create new tickets for the issues reported.

With your Servicebot/Virtual Agent integrated on Microsoft Teams your agents can now create new tickets from your existing messages in Teams Groups and Chats in 3 simple steps. 

Step 1: For any message, select the “More Actions” > “Create a Freshservice ticket" to capture your employee’s message as a ticket in Freshservice.

Step 2: Add any other details that you wish to add and click “Submit”. By default, the message sent by the user is prefilled as the description of the ticket.

Step 3 : Provide the confirmation that the ticket has been successfully created with the details of the ticket.

Please note MS Teams doesnt support all form fields to be loaded inside their UI. To learn more about which forms are supported click here

Improve your response time and provide a delightful and unified employee experience to your employees by using Servicebot/Virtual Agent on MS Teams.