Freshservice’s Knowledge Insights feature allows you to find questions that need knowledge creation to promote self-service and improve deflection. It empowers you to create self-help solution articles to address the most commonly asked questions and promote self-service resolution.

This feature helps analyze recent incidents in your account (approximately the last 90 days) and clusters them by similarity to create an insight. Alerts and service requests are not considered while clustering. Each insight is assigned a label that denotes the dominant theme of the incidents in that insight. You can also see the most commonly used phrases across incidents in an insight. These data points should help you understand the content that should become a part of the document being created to address the corresponding incidents.

How to enable the feature and see your insights?

Click the “Solutions” icon in the left side menu. You can then click the “Knowledge Insights” menu item on the left side to see the feature landing page.

The landing page will show you insights created from incidents in your account. For each insight, you will also see the number of incidents in it. Some insights will also have a trending icon against them. This icon appears if there has been an abnormal rise or drop in the number of incidents in insight in the last week compared to the weeks before.

Insight details

Clicking an insight will show details for it.

The details page shows “keywords” that denote the most commonly used phrases in the incidents that make up that insight. You can also see the member incidents to get better context.

Resolve an insight

There are two ways that can be used to resolve an insight

Assign to agent

You can assign the insight to an agent as a ticket for knowledge creation. The ticket created will contain details that are needed by the SME/agent to resolve it by creating appropriate content.

Tickets created will have the source as “knowledge insights”. This can be used to create filtered views and reports.

The assigned insights will be removed from the list of insights. To see them, you can go to the  list of insights (landing page), and change the view to see “Assigned Insights”.

Add keywords to solution article

If there is already a solution article for insight, you can just add the insight keywords to that document. This will increase the reach of the document to address the incidents in that insight.

Who can access Knowledge insights?

All agents and admins with view and manage knowledge cues permissions can access knowledge insights.