With new and improved team dashboards, you can not only hand-pick and curate the  KPIs required for the team bringing everyone on the same page, but also it is more accessible and inclusive.  

Check how you can customize the Team dashboard

What’s new in the Dashboard module?

Preserving the legacy features of the dashboard module, we have introduced minor user interface enhancements refreshing user experience. Please see for details below:

Accessible and inclusive user interface

The dashboard module is now inclusive and accessible for everyone with whatever skills and inputs are available to us. We have not only introduced a full-page voice-over but also a fresh visual representation to harmonize individual needs.

Custom colors & warning alerts for scorecard

You can now add colors to your Scorecard. You can also add two-tier alerts viz. warning & critical on the scorecard to mitigate the risk of friction and improve the team’s overall performance. 

To create a threshold for alerts, click the scorecard while editing the dashboard. 

Add the appropriate label for the widget and provide the count for warning and critical alerts. You can also pick a color for your widget to distinguish one from the other.

In case of a breach, an alert will be displayed automatically on your instance immediately to make an action plan: 

Timeline of recent activities

To trace the activities on your account, you can now view recent activities in a clutter-free timeline order        

Do not miss out on the details

We have added the edit option under more sections now: