Virtual agent feature on Servicebot

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Collaboration apps foster a streamlined platform for teams to work together. Slack enables teams to collaborate and work closely with each other to get work done. The Servicebot plugs real-time ticket updates right into Slack and allows agents to seamlessly collaborate with their teammates to get work done faster. Using the Servicebot for Slack you can enable your agents to,

Invite team members to collaborate on a ticket right within the Slack channels. The conversations are added to the Freshservice ticket threads for future reference.

  • Collaborate and stay on top of their ticket updates with tickets automatically posted to relevant channels.

  • Create and update tickets right from Slack. They can add notes and reply to customers without switching to Freshservice. 

  • View their most recent open and pending tickets assigned to them right within Slack.

Looking to integrate your Freshservice and Slack to raise support tickets and get notified about your tickets? You can do much more by using our Servicebot for Slack.

Virtual agent feature on Servicebot

The virtual agent feature is a booster to Servicebot capability and is only supported on the enterprise plan of Freshservice. If you are installing the Servicebot for slack integration on any other plan, the below virtual agent feature will NOT be available to you:

  1. Agents can use the app to collaborate and resolve tickets faster. 
  2. Requesters will not be able to use or interact with the ServiceBot
  3. The bot will not reply with suggestions for messages that are sent to it directly
  4. Requesters will not receive notifications about updates on the tickets requested by them

Slack integration capabilities available on different Freshservice plans

With Servicebot for Slack, your internal support team can act fast, get streamlined, and offer a best-in-class unified experience to your employees. Please look into the below table understand more about the holistic integration capabilities and plan availability:

Available on all plans

Available on Pro and 

Enterprise plan

Available on only

 Enterprise plan

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For any queries related to the configuration or more, you can also check Freshservice-slack integration FAQ's


Migration Guideline

If you are still using the Slack (legacy) or Servicebot (legacy) apps, we highly recommend you migrate to the new and updated slack integration for Freshservice. The legacy apps are not being maintained now and any bugs (including critical issues) reported after 31st December 2021 will not be supported or fixed. Here is the migration guideline for your reference.