You can export items from a project using the “project analytics” section.

Step 1: Go to Project Analytics > Create a new report
Save the Report by giving Title and Visibility provision.

Step 2: Drag and drop any widget onto the report (In this case, added Chart view) > Edit the widget

Step 3: Saving the new widget >Name
Module - “Project Tasks” > Next

Step 4: Click on the metric section on the right-hand side > Apply

Step 5: Specify the filter conditions for the set of items you want to export > Click on "Apply"

Note: If you want to export all the items in the project, then simply go with “Basic Filter

Step 6: Change the Report type to “Tabular

Step 7: Choose the item properties that you want to export from here and Save the report once again

Step 8: Export the data from here

Shortly after clicking on the "CSV of tabular data" option, you will receive the .csv file in your email inbox.