Perform operations on AWS Lambda Functions via the Workflow Automator.


Orchestration apps let you automate repeatable tasks and actions spanning a diverse set of systems and applications using workflows. The list of actions supported for this app include:

Function Management

  1. Invoke  Function
  2. Invoke  Async  Function
  3. Create  Function
  4. Delete  Function
  5. Get  Function
  6. Add  Permission
  7. Create Alias
  8. Delete Alias
  9. Get Alias
  10. Update Alias


To install and authenticate this app, you will need to provide the following inputs

  • Secret Key
  • Access Key

  1. Create an application user in AWS IAM. Assign policies with permissions for each of the actions enlisted in this app.
  2. Attach the IAM policy with permissions to the newly created application (non-human) user.

Each action currently supported in this app should have corresponding permission in an IAM policy attached to the newly created user.

Note: If you're using AWS admin account credentials, you do not have to assign a policy.

Steps to authenticate and perform actions on AWS

  1. Use your AWS account ID or account alias, your IAM user name, and your password to sign in to the IAM console.
  2. In the navigation bar on the upper right, choose your username and select My Security Credentials.
  3. Expand the Access keys (access key ID and secret access key) section.
  4. To create an access key, choose to Create New Access Key. If this feature is disabled, you must delete one of the existing keys before creating a new one. A warning explains that you have only this one opportunity to view or download the secret access key. To copy the key to paste it somewhere else for safekeeping, choose Show Access Key. To save the access key ID and secret access key to a .csv file to a secure location on your computer, choose Download Key File.