About this integration:

Collect metrics, logs, and traces across Google Cloud and your applications using Google Cloud Operations suite. Integrate with Google Cloud Monitoring  to receive alerts based on monitoring metrics for events and services.

Configuration in Freshservice:

  • Click on Admin > Alert Profiles > Create a New Alert Profile or open an existing Alert Profile.

  • Click on “Add Integration” to select the tool to integrate with

  • Select “Google Cloud Monitoring” in the tool selection page. 

  • Get the Endpoint URL and the Authentication token for Google Cloud Monitoring by following the integration setup.

Configuration in Google Cloud Monitoring:

  • On the Google Cloud platform switch to Monitoring option in the left navigation bar. 

  • Select the Alerting section in the left navigation bar and navigate to the Webhooks section here. Choose Add New. 

  • In the Add New webhook pop-up, specify the corresponding endpoint URL from Freshservice and create the notification channel.

  • Once the webhook has been set-up, switch back to the Alerting section and navigate to Policies section. Select Add Policy for which the alerts need to be created.

  • In the Add policy field choose the condition for which the monitoring tool needs to create alerts

  • In the following Add policy section, specify the condition for which the monitoring tool needs to generate alerts.

  • Based on the conditions specified in the policy, Alerts will be created in Google Cloud Monitoring.