Perform operations on Box users, groups, files, and folders and manage Box usage in Freshservice


The Box app lets you automate repeatable actions within Freshservice and also helps you track accurate usage information for SaaS Management. 


Orchestration apps give you the ability to automate several repeatable actions that span across a diverse set of systems by performing specific actions with Freshservice Workflows. With the Box app you can perform actions for:

User Management

  1. Create User

  2. Delete User

  3. Disable User

  4. Enable User

  5. Update User

  6. Lookup User Id

  7. Get User

  8. Add User to Group

    Group Management

  1. Create Group

  2. Delete Group

  3. Update Group

    Document Management

  1. Transfer Owned Items

  2. Delete File

  3. Get Shared Link for File

  4. Create Shared Link for File

  5. Attach Box File to FS TIcket Note

  6. Create Ticket With Attachment as Box File

  7. Upload Ticket Attachment to Box

    Document Sharing

  1. Add Collaborator

  2. Remove Collaboration

    Folder Management

  1. Create Folder

  2. Delete Folder

  3. Get Shared Link for Folder

  4. Create Shared Link for Folder

Note: All Document and Folder management actions can be performed only on the items inside the Custom App the user is going to configure.

Saas Management

This integration requires the SaaS Management Add-on. More details can be found here.

Freshservice’s integration with Box for SaaS Management enables you to track and manage users using Box directly within Freshservice. Integrating with Box enables you to:

  • Track users using Box and how frequently they use Box (not just by login, but also create/update files in Box) to identify inactive users for de-provisioning

To use this integration for SaaS Management, 

  • Enable the SaaS Discovery toggle and provide the Freshservice Domain Name & the Agent API Key.
    Note: To know more about what SaaS Discovery is, click here.
  • Click Verify
  • Once the verification is successful, Click Add and complete the installation by clicking on Install. 
    The first sync might take a couple of hours depending on your data load.


To start using Box API you need to set up a Custom App using server-side authentication

  1. App creation

  2. Log into Box and navigate to the Developer Console. Select Create New App.

  3. Select Custom App from the list of application types. A modal will appear to prompt a selection for the next step.

  4. Select Server Authentication (with JWT) to verify application identity with a key pair. Then, provide a name for your application and click Create App.

Note: Once you make a selection, you will not be able to change to a different authentication method without creating a new application.

       2. Basic configuration

  1. Application Access

To work with existing Managed Users of the enterprise, navigate to the Application Access settings accessible via the Configuration tab of the Developer console. Set to App Access + Enterprise Access.

  1. Application Scopes

Select all the scopes listed under Application scopes in order to perform app actions. See the scopes guide for detailed information on each option here.

        3.  Public and Private Key Generation

Once a Custom App is created leveraging Server Authentication with JWT, a key pair can be generated via the Configuration tab within the Developer Console. Regardless of the method, you select, your Box account will need to have 2FA enabled for security purposes.

  1. To generate the keypair configuration file, navigate to the Configuration tab of the Developer Console and scroll down to the Add and Manage Public Keys section

  2. Click the Generate a Public/Private Keypair button to have Box generate a keypair for you. This will trigger the download of a JSON configuration file that you can use in your application as input to Box config param.

Note: For security reasons, Box will not store your private key. If you lose your private key, you will need to reset the entire key pair.

           4.  App Authorization 

                Before the application can be used, a Box Admin needs to authorize the application within the Box Admin Console.

  1. Navigate to the Authorization tab for your application within the Developer Console.

  2. Click Submit and Review to send an email to your Box enterprise Admin for approval. 

Re-authorization after making configuration changes

As a general rule of thumb, applications require re-authorization, in the Box Admin console, after making any configuration changes within the Developer Console. If this step is skipped, any generated Access Tokens will not reflect the configuration changes.

App Installation Parameter

To install and authenticate the app you need to provide the following input: 

  1. Box Config - Copy it from the JSON file downloaded while generating a Public and private key pair

The following two parameters are required for attaching documents to your Freshservice tickets as either a note or directly to a new ticket.

  1. Freshservice Domain - The domain of your Freshservice tenant. Example: demo.freshservice.com

  2. Freshservice API Key - Login to your Freshservice tenant. Click on your profile icon then "Profile Settings" on the right side pane, under "Your API Key" complete the captcha and copy your API key.


Now that you've successfully installed the Box orchestration app, please have a look at the sample use case below to show how the app can be used efficiently.