Here’s a sample workflow to demonstrate the use of the AWS CloudFormation Orchestration app to automate provisioning of a LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) tech stack.

  1. Create the Event when a Service Request is raised.

  2. You can then pull in the App Node which will have the following configurations:

App Name: AWS CloudFormation - Orch

App Action: Create Stack

Notes when Configuring Inputs:

  • The Stack Name is an identifier that helps you find a particular stack from a list of stacks. A stack name can contain only alphanumeric characters (case-sensitive) and hyphens. It must start with an alphabetic character and can't be longer than 128 characters.

  • Template URL: Location of file containing the template body. The URL must point to a template (max size: 460,800 bytes) that is located in an Amazon S3 bucket.

3. Finally, to validate the stack creation successfully initiated, the condition node is added to check if the status code is 200. 

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