We’ve seen that a number of organizations maintain shared calendars so employees can track Changes there. This workflow demonstrates the use of the Google Calendar Orchestration app to automate the process of creating Change events in a shared/group calendar on Google Calendar.

This workflow will add the scheduled change event to the specified change calendar under Google Calendar, upon change creation in Freshservice.

  1. Create the Event when a Change is created.

  2. You can then pull in the App Node which will have the following configurations:

App Name: Google Calendar - Orch

App Action: Create Event

Notes when Configuring Inputs: 

To specify the start_datetime and end_datetime as placeholders, we have to use liquid templates to convert the dates to an acceptable format.

Liquid templates are used in this use case to change the date-time format to an RFC 3339 compliant format i.e. 2021-02-01T09:00:00, this format is required during event creation for Google Calendar.

For example, placeholder for the start datetime of the event will be, 

{{ change.planned_start_date | date: "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S" }}

  1. Based on the status code 200 of the event creation action, a success note with event details or failure note with the reason for failure will be added to the change.

Sample Use Case Execution

Where do I find the calendar ID in Google Calendar?

  1. Go to your calendar

  2. Browse the left side pane, locate your calendar and click on the ellipsis, then “Settings and sharing”. 

  3. Now, in the left side pane, click on “Integrate calendar” and copy the “Calendar ID”.