Perform operations on users, organizations, repos, branches, and pulls via the Workflow Automator


Orchestration apps let you automate repeatable tasks and actions that span across a diverse set of systems and applications using workflows. The list of actions supported for this app include:

1. User Management

  • Get user details

  • Get a user by email

2. Organization Management  

  • Get organization details

  • Create organization invitation by ID

  • Create organization invitation by Email

  • Update organization details

  • Check organization membership for a user

  • Remove organization member

  • Get Pending organization Invite

3. Repository Management 

  • Create an organization repository

  • Get a repository

  • Update repository

  • Add a repository collaborator

  • Remove a repository collaborator

  • Get Pending repository Invite

4. Pull Management

  • Get a pull request

  • Create a Pull Request

  • Update a pull request

  • Merge a pull request

  • Create a review comment for a pull request

  • Update a review comment for a pull request

  • Delete a review comment for a pull request

5. Branch Management 

  • Get a branch

  • Create a branch

  • Delete a branch

  • Get branch protection

  • Delete branch protection

6. Team Management    

  • Get a team by name

  • Create a team

  • Get team membership for a user

  • Add or update team membership for a user


How to sign up for an account?

  1. Go to https://github.com/join to create a new account.

To install and authenticate app you need to provide the following:

• Token

Note: Personal access tokens (PATs) are an alternative to using passwords for authentication to GitHub. As a security precaution, GitHub automatically removes personal access tokens that haven't been used in a year. So, we recommend you to create a separate token for the marketplace app.

Steps to create token:

  1. After signing up for an account, verify your email address, if you haven't yet.

  2. In the upper-right corner of any page, click on your profile picture, and then click on Settings.

  1. On the left sidebar, click on Developer settings.

  1. On the left sidebar, click on Personal access tokens.

  1. Click on Generate new token.

  1. Give your token a descriptive name.

  1. Select the scopes or permissions you'd like to grant this token and click ‘Generate token’.

Required Scopes: 

  • admin:org

  • delete_repo

  • repo

  • User

  1. Click the copy icon to copy the token to your clipboard. For security reasons, once you navigate from the page, you will not be able to see the token again.

Required Membership Plan: 

All actions listed work with GitHub Free Plan or Higher.

Now that you've successfully installed the GitHub orchestration app, please have a look at the sample use case below to show how the app can be used efficiently.