Here’s a sample workflow to demonstrate the use of the on-premise Microsoft Active Directory Orchestration app to automate the employee onboarding process.


The automation flow defined in the above sample employee onboarding workflow contains two core actions in Microsoft Active Directory i.e. creating a new user and adding that user to a relevant group based on their designation.

Automation Flow

When a new employee joins the organization, the HR personnel will create a new Employee Onboarding service request in Freshservice.

Once the service request is made the workflow automator will be triggered - 

  1. In the workflow defined above, the service request is evaluated as to if it’s an employee onboarding request.
  2. Then in the app node after you select the Microsoft Active Directory orchestration app and the create user action. 

Select the app configuration/credentials and then select an orchestration server from the dropdown list of onboarded servers. This selection will be required for all Microsoft Active Directory app nodes.

Next, using the placeholders for user attributes provided in the service request configure the create user app node.

  1. The successful execution of the user creation action will be checked for in the subsequent node, if the status code for the action is returned as 201, the workflow will add a note to the SR ticket and proceed otherwise a failure notification note will be added to the SR ticket, specifying the reason for failure.
  2. Next, the newly created user will be added to the specified group in Microsoft Active Directory. The user's name is used as a placeholder in this action, this identifier is received in the response for the user creation action.

Let’s see the employee onboarding automation workflow in action: