Inviting project members to your project 

Note: you need project manager privileges to add users 

To invite new users or edit settings of present users select “members” under PEOPLE category

Important - You can only add existing users as members from here.
To invite new users, go to admin settings >> User management >> Agents >> New Agent

Step 1: Visit project settings >> Select “Members” unser People

Click on “+New” to add existing users

Step 2: You can add multiple users by searching their Email IDs here.

Managing access type of project members:

You can manage all your project members access from here:

Step 1: Click on icon and select “Edit”

Step 2: Here you can choose access type for the user

Project Viewer - User gets read-only access to this project.

Project Editor - User gets edit access to all the modules in this project except settings

Selecting “Manage project settings” will enable user to control project settings.

Project Groups

Project groups will be helpful if you are using workflow transitions, and want same set of project members to be part of the automated transition group. 

Step 1) Project Settings >> Project Groups >> +New

Then in order to add members to that Group
Step 2) Members >> Click on the icon to the extreme right of the member name which you want to add in that Project group and select Edit

From the drop down select the “project group”