Before you start using Orchestration apps such as MS Active Directory that require you to connect to a private on-premise network, you need to download and install the Orchestration server on one of the systems in that network. The Orchestration server needs a Windows system to work. Make sure you go through the minimum requirements and identify the right computer to run the Orchestration server.

System Requirements

  1. Operating System: Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019

  2. CPU: 4 cores

  3. RAM:  8GB of RAM or more

  4. Storage:  10 GB of free space in your hard drive

  5. Admin Access required to run the orchestration server’s Installer (FO-OSR.msi

  6. Enable .NET 3.5 windows feature. 

    1. Click on Start button and search server Manager

    2. Go to Server manager 

    3. In the top right corner Click on Manage tab 

    4. Click on Add Roles and Feature

      1. Click on Next (In before you begin page) 

      2. Click on Next (In Installation type page after selecting radio button Role-based or feature-based installation)

      3. Click on Next (In Server selection page, after selecting a radio button, select a server from the server pool and then select your windows server from the list below)

      4. Click on Next (In Server Roles page after selecting checkbox File and Storage Services )

      5. Click on Next (In Feature Page Expand .NET Framework 3.5 Feature and select checkbox .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0))

      6. Click Install

  • Note: We highly recommend using an independent server (with configs provided in the document) and it should not be used for any other purpose. i.e No other app should be installed on the OSR server.
  • For windows server 2019, if you face any issues while installing .NET 3.5, you can refer to the article here 

Here’s how you can set up an Orchestration Server:-

1. Create an Orchestration Server on the Freshservice portal

  1. Head over to Admin-> Automations & Productivity > Automation > Orchestration Center. If your account has more than one workspace, navigate to Admin > Global Settings > Automations & Productivity > Automation > Orchestration Center.
  2. Click on the Orchestration Server Tab

  1. Hit the Create Server button and fill in the form with the necessary details

    • Name-  Give your server a meaningful name for example: Based on the location of the network.

    • Description- Add a description (optional)

    • Secret Key-  This will be auto-generated once the Orchestration Server is created successfully. (Note: You’ll need this key during the installation phase)

2. Download and Install the Orchestration Server

  1. Under the Orchestration Server tab, click on Download Windows Installer

  2. Once your download is complete, click on the setup file “FO-OSR.msi” to start the installation wizard.

  3. Proxy Server Configuration: You can select checkbox Use a Proxy Server’ to use this feature

    Q) Why is the Proxy setting included in the installation wizard?
    → Many enterprises don’t allow direct communication with the server, they use a proxy-server as an intermediate.
    To fulfil this requirement we have introduced a checkbox ‘
    Use a Proxy Server’ under ‘Proxy Setting’ page

    If selected ‘Use a Proxy Server’ in Proxy Setting page then

    1. Hostname: Give the private IP of the proxy server.

    2. Port: Give the port number of the proxy server

    3. Username: Give the username of the proxy server

    4. Password: Give the password of the proxy server.

    5. Type: Give the Protocol used (generally http, socks4, socks5)

  1. Secret Key:
    Q) What is the Secret Key in the Account Configuration installation wizard?
    → It is a token used for authorization of each and every request originated from Orchestration Server to Freshservice Account.

    Q) Where will I find the Secret Key in the Freshservice Account?

    1. Head over to Admin-> Orchestration Center.

    2. Click on the Orchestration Server Tab

    3. Select one of the Orchestration Server from the list shown

    4. Copy the Secret Key    

  2. Select the folder
    By default, Orchestration Server will be Installed inside 
    C:\Program Files\Freshworks\
    Click on the ‘Change’ button to change the destination folder.

  3. Complete the installation 

    1. Verify if services (‘Orchestration Server’ and ‘Orchestration Server - WinRM_SSH’) are running in your Services tray.


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