Setting up the Zoom integration with Freshservice

  • Navigate to Admin -> Apps -> Zoom Orch & SaaS Management App and install it.
  • Once it’s installed, click on Add New.
  • Using Config Name, give a unique name for this account’s integration with Freshservice. This name is only for your reference to manage your integrations with multiple zoom instances.
  • Copy the JWT token from the zoom account.

Steps to get the Zoom JWT Token

  • In your Zoom Admin account, navigate to Advanced > App Marketplace. 
  • On the App marketplace, click on Develop -> Build App.

  • Click on JWT option on the next screen. Here you will have two options:

If your JWT token is not yet created:

  • Configure the Basic info for the app and click Continue.

  • Generate the JWT token. (Set the expiration date to Other and set the expiry date to today +1 year). Copy the generated JWT token and then click Continue.

  • In the step to Add Feature, no action is required. Click Continue again.

  • To use this integration for SaaS Management, enable the SaaS Discovery toggle and provide the Freshservice Domain Name & the Agent API Key.
    Note: To know more about what SaaS Discovery is, click here.
  • Click Verify
  • Once the verification is successful, Click Add and complete the installation by clicking on Install. 
    The first sync might take a couple of hours depending on your data load.