Write test cases, organize them in multi-level folders. Pull multiple test cases to create a test run. Optionally, group multiple test runs into a test plan. Capture test run results and log bugs for failed test cases in a run. Store historical test case results from every time you re-run.

Step 1 : Hover over to the “more” tab next to board 

Step 2 : Click on test cases

Step 3 : When you click on top-nav "New" in Freshservice, it gives you an option to add sections to organize all the test cases you have created (1), create fresh test cases (2) you can also easily import/export test cases as CSV files

Step 4 : Create test runs and test plan easily

You can create a new test run for the features you are developing. Create a run easily by dragging and dropping test cases, test any number of times and keep all your results logged.

A. Click on the "More" tab

B. Click on Test Runs

C. Create a test run and associate it to a test plan 

D. Add new test cases to the test run (1), complete , edit or clone a run easily(2)

E. Organize multiple test runs under a single test plan to manage testing efforts for your big features, epics of major releases. Create a test plan 

F. Check all the active runs & completed runs. This is applicable to test plans as well. Easily view active plans and completed plans.