Running a project in Freshservice is super easy with the New-Gen project management module. Before we jump into the steps for creating a project and organizing them, we will just try and understand the basics of roles and privileges that are available in this article. Let’s also see how it works for Agents and End Users/Requesters. 

Roles in Project Management module 

Note: You need Admin privileges to set this feature up

Project Member - A project member is anyone in the team who can view and work on projects

Project Manager - A project manager additionally has access to create and manage projects apart from working on them. 

Here is how you set it up

Step 1 : Go to Settings > select ‘Roles’ (under User Management). If your account has more than one workspace, navigate to Admin > Global Settings > select ‘Roles’ (under User Management)

Step 2 : These are the default roles that we provide (1) You can go ahead and create a custom role if required as well(2) Click on “New” for the same

Let’s also understand how Roles & Privileges work for 


Step 1: Go to Permission(1) and select projects (2) under it and check mark view, work and manage projects according your preference below at “ Agents Can” (3) 

Step 2: Under Permissions you would find ‘Reports’ (1) and you can check the box which says “view and manage task reports” (2) to get access to project task reports. Feel free to mark the check box for other features that you might need

Step 3: Select “Administration” under permissions and give agents access to administer all projects. You can also check other boxes based on your needs

Now that we have seen how it works for Agents. Let’s understand better how it works for End Users/ Requesters who want project management access in Freshservice.

End users/ Requesters

Step 1: You will first need to add them as a new requester, go to Admin settings(1), Requesters(2) under it and add “New Requester”

Step 2: After you add the details of the new requester, make sure to enable project management for them and click on save

Note : A project license is required for users who need access to project management 

Once you purchase the licenses, your project would be enabled and you would be able to manage who can view, create or manage products. Additionally, license usage can also be monitored. (1)

Once you click on save, your End User/ would be successfully added