Response suggestions are built to help your team by providing relevant solution articles and canned response suggestions when they’re handling a ticket. 

The feature uses machine learning to understand the content of the ticket and suggests one or more relevant solution articles and/or canned responses. Currently, we provide up to three relevant suggestions when available. 

How to enable response suggestions?

To enable response suggestions, 

  • Head to Admin > Automation & Productivity > Agent Productivity > Response Suggestions. If your account has more than one workspace, navigate to Admin > Global Settings > Automation & Productivity > Agent Productivity > Response Suggestions.

  • Here, you’ll find options to enable both solution articles and canned response suggestions.

  • Once you enable these suggestions, your team will start seeing suggestions when they work on the tickets module. 

Note: At the moment, response suggestions become available after Freddy, our machine learning engine is reasonably confident about offering accurate suggestions. You’ll receive an email as soon as Freddy is ready to offer response suggestions for your account.   

Response suggestions and Including them in Tickets

After enabling the feature, you’ll see the relevant solution articles and canned responses in the Ticket Details section. 

You can click on each section (solution article or canned response) and add the respective content or content URL to the response you’re drafting. 

Inserting Canned Responses

To insert canned responses to your ticket, select the relevant canned response and click on + Insert Response

Adding solution articles

In the case of solution articles, you can either insert the URL of the article or the whole content of the article to your ticket response. 

Note: Freshservice also offers Field suggested powered by Freddy for automatic categorization of tickets. Learn more