Integrate Applications Manager with Freshservice to track and process your alerts as aggregated records and quickly resolve your issues.

Configuration in Freshservice:

  • Click on Admin > Alert Profiles > Create a New Alert Profile or open an existing Alert Profile.
  • Click on “Add Integration” to select the tool to integrate with.
  • Select “Applications Manager” in the tool selection page. 
  • Get the Endpoint URL and the Auth key for Applications Manager by following the integration setup.

Configuration in Applications Manager

1. Add HTTP URL Monitor

  • Login to AppManager Web UI.  
  • Go to Monitors -> New Monitors ->  Add  New Monitor menu.
  • Click “HTTP(s) URLs” monitor under “Web Server/Services” section.
  • Add DisplayName and URL . 
  • Click “Add New Monitor” to save the settings.


2. Add Notification Profile 

  • Login to AppManager Web UI.
  • Go to Admin -> Actions ->  Webhook / Rest API Action menu
  • Add the following details
    •  Display Name
    • HTTPs URL - Endpoint URL copied from Freshservice
    • Payload Type=> JSON 
    • Custom Parameters 
      "resource": "$MONITORNAME",
      "metric_name": "$ATTRIBUTE",
      "severity": "$SEVERITY",
      "message": "$MONITORNAME changes to $SEVERITY state",
      "description": "$RCAMSG_PLAINTEXT",
      "host_name": "$HOSTNAME",
      "host_ip": "$HOSTIP",
      "attribute_value": "$ATTRIBUTEVALUE",
      "technician": "$TECHNICIAN",
      "monitor_group": "$MONITORGROUP",
      "monitor_type": "$MONITORTYPE",
      "occurrence_time": "$DATE",
      "entity": "$ENTITY"

      Set request header as Authorization and paste the auth key you copied from Freshservice.

    • Refer to the screenshot below


Save the Notification profile form. 

Configure Alarms to associate Notification profile

  • Go to Admin -> Configure Alarms  menu
  • Choose “Configure By Monitors / Monitor Groups”.  In our example, we are going to configure for HTTP URL.
  • Choose Monitor Type “HTTP URL” and Monitor as “FreshserviceAMS” that you just created


Configure Availability in the same page. 

This is where we will associate Notification Actions which we created in step 2.


Choose the Associate Actions for both DOWN state and UP state. If required, we can associate attributes also.

Once the configuration is done, alert notifications sent from Applications Manager will create alerts in Freshservice and will auto resolve on resolution of the issue in the monitoring tool.