In an organization, when you maintain a wide range of products and services there are instances when you have to import or export the product data in bulk into the Freshservice Product Catalog. To do this, follow these simple steps to import and export.

Importing Products

  • Click on Import in the product catalog.

  • Upload the CSV file with the products to be imported and click Next. Ensure that your CSV file has,
      • A header row with field names (For example: Name, CI Type, manufacturer, etc)

      • Columns for all the required fields for the product type

      • File size within 10 MB

  • Map the fields from the CSV to the fields in your Freshservice account and click Import.
  • Wait for the records to get created. You can track the import status to see if your records have been created, updated, or failed. 

    Note: If the imported product’s name matches with an existing product record in the catalog an updation of the matched record takes place instead of creation.

  • If your import is successful, the products are added to the product catalog

Exporting Products

  • Click on Export from the Product Catalog

  • You can export your products as a CSV or an Excel File.

  • Choose the fields you want to export, and click on Export to get your products in the chosen file format.