Note: We've updated our pricing and packaging. This feature is available on Estate & Forest plans for customers who signed up before Nov 2nd 2020.

In most organizations, teams lose sight of what really matters with key data not readily available to react as fast they can and efforts gone into time-consuming tools to generate a performance report which, in turn, leads to all sorts of challenges, from people working in silos to wasted resources.

With Team Dashboards, your manager or supervisor can hand-pick and curate the KPIs required for the team bringing everyone on the same page. It also gives the agents context on critical issues that require their immediate attention, mitigating the risk of friction and improving the team’s overall performance.

How to customize the team dashboard

  • Navigate to dashboard, click on burger menu beside My Dashboard and +New
  • Enter the dashboard name and choose the visibility
    • Only me: This dashboard is only visible to you and can only be accessed by you
    • All agents: This dashboard will be accessible to all the agents within your service desk. Agents with (a) "Manage Agents" privilege in all workspaces + (b) access to tickets, problems, changes and releases in IT workspace + (c) access to tickets in non-IT workspace, will be able to create and share Dashboards with all agents.
    • Agents in group: This dashboard will be accessible to a specific group within your service desk. Agents with "Manage Agents" privilege will be able to create and share dashboards with the agent groups they are part of. To share a dashboard with an agent group of a restricted workspace, the agent needs to have access to "Manage Agents" privilege in that workspace.

  • Drag and drop the relevant widgets you would like to tracks as the team’s metrics from the widget library and click Save.

Check this article to know more on the widgets available and how you can customize them.

  • You can click the edit icon if you wish to make any further changes and also choose to reorder the widgets.

  • To delete a widget, click the edit icon, hover over the widget and click the delete icon.

  • To create an announcement, navigate to Announcements -> Create an Announcement, fill in the fields, set the visibility and click Save to alert or communicate important information across the service desk.

  • Click on Recent Activity to check the recent actions performed by the agent.


John, a Service Desk Manager cares deeply about making sure his unassigned Tickets to his group are attended to by his team members ASAP. He'd like to promote transparency by providing the information on total unassigned tickets and the agents who are available to the team, so they can self-assign themselves.

John makes this possible through Team Dashboards, where he configures the necessary widgets and shares it with the team