Employee support in organizations relies on ticketing and email, making quick support almost inaccessible. Employees have to wait around for their issues to be fixed resulting in a loss of their productivity. This disgruntlement of your employees can directly impact the CSAT ratings for your agents.

If great employee experience is the prime focus for your organization, interactive employee support will be a boon in boosting experience. 

With Freshchat integration, enable your agents to have real-time conversations with your requesters to understand and resolve their issues faster. The integration eases ticket resolution for agents by allowing them to seamlessly support issues in real-time right from their service desk environment.

With Freshchat integration agents can perform the following actions from right from chats:

  • Enable chat support for end-users

  • Resolve chat requests right from Freshservice

  • Convert conversations into tickets

How do you set it up?

Note: If you've already set up the integration from Freshchat using the portal customization settings in Freshservice,  follow the below steps to enable the Freshchat widget for your agents right within Freshservice. This will not affect your existing configurations.

  1. Navigate to Admin > General Settings > Support Channels > Chat

  1. You can either create a new trial account (valid for 14 days)  or you can link your existing Freshchat account. 

To link an existing account,

  • Enter your Freshchat App ID and widget token. You can find this under Admin > Setup > Account settings in your Freshchat account. 

  • Click Connect to link your account.

Chat Settings

Once you complete your integration setup, you can manage your chat settings from Admin > General Settings > Support Channels > Chat

Enabling Chat on Support Portal

To enable the chat widget on your support portal, enable this toggle to help requesters reach out to your agents via chat.

If you have an MSP account, you can choose to enable the widget for all your support portals or for selected ones.

Bringing Freshchat to your Website

You can embed the Freshchat widget in any websites that you have hosted for your employees. Click Copy from Freshchat  and paste the code in the website of your choice.

Converting Freshchat Conversation into Tickets

Agents can convert their conversations with requesters into tickets in your service desk. To enable this and to define how these tickets are created, click Manage Settings.

  • In Freshchat Settings, add the fields that have to be filled out by an agent to create a ticket. 

  • Map the Freshservice field types with the custom properties in Freshchat to ensure successful ticket creation. 

  • Add permissions to the fields to determine if they have to be displayed for the agent to fill. 

  • You can also choose to make these fields:

    • Non-Editable:  You can set the field to a default value and make it non-editable 

    • Editable:  Agents can edit the field

    • Editable and mandatory: Agents are mandated to update this field. 

  • Click on Sync fields to enable the field mapping. 

  • You can also mandate every conversation to be converted into a ticket by enabling the toggle on the top left corner. Click on Save once you’re done making all changes.

Now that you're done setting up the integration, check out our article here to see how the integration experience is for agents and requesters.