When employees return to work, you would want to provide them with the necessary safety equipment to ensure their well being within the office. Freshservice lets you manage these requests using the Request PPE service item under the Return to Work Category.

It’s pre-populated with PPE equipment like Masks, gloves and safety glasses, but you can go ahead and configure more items as per your requirements. 

Custom Asset Types

With organizations shifting to a new normal, there are norms entering the picture which priorly never existed. One such addition will be new asset types that you need to keep track of. 

Provision assets like PPEs and workspaces which don’t fall into the classic asset types like hardware/software by adding 2 custom asset types to Freshservice namely PPE and Workspaces. 

With the PPE asset type, you can manage the provisioning of all safety equipment to your employees. Workspaces let you manage docks for employees to work in like rooms and desks. 

To create a new asset type,

  • Navigate to Admin Settings > Asset Management > Asset Types and Fields
  • Create a new asset type for PPE. Select a root asset type under which you want to create. Example: Consumables.
  • Drag and drop the required fields to capture the asset information.
  • Click on Create to create the new asset type.

Your PPE Provisioning Process is now in place! Now go ahead and set up reports to get a bird's eye view of your workforce's return.