With a part of your workforce working remote, you would want to streamline their requests to enter your offices. To enable this, Freshservice provides a Request Workplace Entry Service item under the Return to Work Category. 

  • When an employee wishes to return to work, they can raise a request by clicking on Request Workplace Entry under Return to Work.

  • They can fill in information about their recent trips or any history of symptoms, and their request will be processed based on that. 

  • If the requester has a history of travel / sickness or if they have been in contact with a sick person, the ticket will be auto-rejected.

  • If you’re fit to return, your ticket will be sent for approval to your reporting manager.

  • Once the ticket is approved, the employee has to present this ticket ID during entry for further screening. 

Automating the Process

When an employee requests to return to work, they are checked for recent travel history, contact with infected people and any occurrence of documented COVID symptoms. This process is automated with workflows.

If an employee marks yes to any of the above criteria their request is rejected. If they are safe to be inducted, an approval email is sent to the reporting manager. Once approved, workspaces are allotted to the employee to get started with working in the office.

Note: Publish the Request Workplace Entry service item to activate the workflow.

Now that your employees can request workplace entry, streamline screening with our Entry/Exit Screening Feature.