To manage in house employees, screening them for compliance with health standards would be mandatory. You will have personnel deployed at the entry and exit checkpoints to log employees’ health statuses. To capture this information you can,

  • Navigate to Admin > Service Catalog

  • Under the Return to Work category, click on Entry/ Exit screening. 

  • We have some pre-populated fields for you to aid screening. But if you need to add more fields to the form you can set it up by dragging and dropping the required fields.

  • Once done, click on Save and Publish.

Note: Please ensure that the pre-populated fields are not edited or removed.

When security or health check personnel wants to log employees’ information this is what they have to do.

  • Navigate to your end-user portal.

  • Find the Entry / Exit Screening form under the Return to Work category. 

  • To the right, click on Request for someone else. Enter the employee’s email address.

  • In the form, enter the name of the employee, and the ticket ID of their return to work request.
    Note: Enter only the digits in the ticket ID. For example: If the ticket ID #INC-123, enter 123.

  • Select if it’s an Entry or Exit request.

  • Enter the temperature of the employee and capture if they are exhibiting any symptoms. The information will be captured as a service request ticket.

  • Once the ticket is submitted, navigate to the tickets page to check if the entry has been approved.

  • If the employee meets all conditions to enter, a note saying “admitted” is added to the ticket on submission else the request will be rejected with a note “rejected”

Note: If an employee tries to enter with an incorrect ticket ID or with a ticket ID approved for another requester, the entry request is immediately rejected on submission.

Automating the Screening Process

Entry / Exit Screening

To ensure the safe functioning of your organisation, it’s important to screen employees when they enter/exit for compliance with health standards like temperature checks, symptoms check and more.

The Return to Work app enables workflows to automate health checks. The workflow ensures that any employee with a temperature higher than 210 F / 99 C or showing symptoms will be rejected entry into your office premises. 

The same temperature checks are set up for exit screening, and if an employee is not compliant with these health checks, a risk alert will be raised to the reporting managers. 

Validation Check

In addition to the above workflow, to ensure employees enter using the right ticket ID and to avoid fraudulent entries using other employees’ tickets a validation check workflow is also enabled. When security personnel submits an entry request, the following happens:

  • An app runs to validate if the ticket ID is sanctioned for the employee raising the request. Any discrepancies in ticket ID match will be added as a note “Something doesn’t add up”

  • The validation check workflow then closes the ticket and adds a tag “ENTRY-REJECT” to the request

  • If there are no discrepancies in the ticket ID match, a note is added as “Everything checks out”. 

The validation check workflow then adds a tag to the ticket as “ENTRY-ADMIT” and send an email to the requester to confirm their entry.

Once your employees are in, keep them safe by provisioning the required PPE.