Adding Associations

A purchase order might have to fulfill multiple service requests raised by your employees. For example, let’s say you’re onboarding 30 employees and you need new assets to equip them. You can create a purchase order to procure the assets and associate all the service request tickets with this Purchase Order. Once the items are received, the tickets can be fulfilled with the required assets. 

To associate a ticket

  • Navigate to the Associations Tab of a purchase order. 

  • Click on the Associate button or +Associate service request

  • You can search and associate the service requests that you want to fulfill using a Purchase order.

Creating Purchase orders from Service Requests

You can also create and associate purchase orders from the service requests coming in. To do this,

  • Open the service request you want to create or associate a purchase order with.

  • Click on the +associate button.

  • Now you can either create a new purchase order or associate an existing one.

Adding Attachments

Freshservice enables you to collate all your purchase-related information in one place including documents like your vendor quotations, invoices, etc

You can add all your documents under the Attachments tab of a purchase order.

To attach a file,

  • Navigate to the Attachments tab of the purchase order
  • Click on Attach File. You can attach files with a size less than 25 MB.

Downloading as PDF

To place an order with your vendor you will have to mail an offline copy of your purchase order to them. Get your offline copy of the purchase order by clicking on the Download PDF button on the top right corner of your purchase order.

Note: You can define the PO fields which need to be a part of the PDF copy by configuring it under purchase order fields in admin settings.