To move tickets from a particular requester to spam in Freshservice, there are two methods available: 

Delete the requester

The simplest way to move tickets from a particular requester to spam is by deleting the requester from the Requesters page. Upon doing so, any future emails from the user will be automatically redirected to spam.

Configure a workflow automator

To execute this using a workflow automator, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Admin > Automations & Productivity > Automation > Workflow Automator > New Automator.

  2. Set the Event as Ticket is raised.

  3. Add a Condition block to the workflow.

  4. Provide the condition Ticket Fields.From Email is and enter the requester's email address.

  5. Add an Action block and select the action Mark as Spam.

  6. Save and Activate the workflow automator.

    Moving tickets from a specific requester to spam.

    Henceforth, when a ticket is created from the specified requester's email address, it will be marked as SPAM automatically. This method is useful for automatically filtering spam tickets or for identifying requesters who frequently submit tickets that should be marked as spam.