You can automatically assign tickets from a specific email with a specific subject to an agent or group of choice using automation rules. Below are the steps to enable that;

  1.   Go to Admin > Automation & Productivity > Automations > Workflow Automator.
  2. Click on New Workflow > Event Based Workflow.
  3. Provide a Name and description to your new workflow.
  4. Set the Event as Ticket is raised.
  5.  Drag and drop a Condition block and set the following two conditions,
    1. Ticket Fields.From Email is and provide the specific email address.
    2. Ticket Fields.Subject contains and provide the text to look for from the email subject.
  6. Drag and drop an Action block, set the action as Assign to Group, and choose the specific group you want to assign the tickets.
  7. Save and Activate your workflow.

    Assigning tickets from a specific email/subject to a group