An agent would want to start his day by logging in to his service desk to view all the tickets that he has for the day. Similarly, in multiple instances, you would want to view and update multiple tickets at once. 

To help you view all your tickets, Freshservice displays all the tickets your customers have raised in the tickets tab. There are two views in which the tickets are displayed:

  • List view

  • Board view

List view

In the List view, you can choose the ticket fields you want to display and also, their order.

The list view lets you organize relevant ticket information in rows and columns. The tickets are displayed as rows and the ticket fields as columns.

  • Click on theicon to the right of the table.

  • You can use the checkboxes to select the fields that you want to see.

  • You can drag and drop the fields to reorder them.

  • To resize a column, click and drag the column handles to resize.

  • Hover over the ticket subject to see the ticket’s description. You can also hover over the requester’s name to see his contact information and recent tickets.

  • The following properties also have inline edit support in the list view:

    • Status

    • Priority

    • Assigned to - You can assign the ticket to a group or an agent by editing the Assign to field.

Board view

The Kanban board consists of tickets and service requests arranged in columns as per status (default & custom). The sorting of tickets is based on the ticket creation date. Multiple boards can be created based on different categories of tickets and shared with agents and groups. With the Kanban board, you can reduce your resolution time and help improve predictability and quality of service.

Kanban boards can help:

  • visualize the tickets and service requests

  • improve agent’s efficiency and productivity

  • admin/supervisor to have better visibility for teams and individuals

Each card represents a ticket; agents can get a birds-eye view of the ticket info on the card, such as subject, priority level, status, assigned agent/group, etc. An agent can also change the priority level and status on the card. 

More details on kanban board configuration here


Can the Kanban board view be created with any other column?

 The board can be created using only the status column.