Asset labels can be very handy to quickly identify a device. The Asset Label Designer app allows you to design labels that contain more than just the asset barcode. You can add additional information as free text or show device specific information such as the device location, serial number and IP Address in addition to a barcode and an image. Once the label is designed, you can select multiple assets and print the labels in one go.

Organizations worldwide heavily rely on barcodes to store and access device information. Scanning barcode provides the following benefits:

  1. Accurate Information – Drastically improve data accuracy by labeling assets and inventory with barcodes and automate data collection

  2. Efficient Process – Increase efficiency by electronic discovery of assets using bar code scans

  3. Consistent Operations – Streamline operations and ensure consistency and predictability by having standardized bar code labels for each asset, also preventing any duplicates during data entry.

To have the functionality enabled in your Freshservice instance, please find below the install instructions. 

Step 1: Head over to the Admin tab in Freshservice.

Step 2:  Under the Service Desk Productivity tab, click on the “Apps” icon and go to “Get More Apps”.

Step 3: Once you find the “Asset Label Designer” app, click on the Install button.

Step 4: Enter the values for Label Dimensions, Labels per row and the Space Between Labels.

Step 5: Configure the label by adding your organization’s logo and also by adding placeholders to get more textual information about the asset. 

Step 6: Click on Enable.

Step 7: The app is successfully installed. 

Step 8: You can now find a new button named “Print labels” in the asset list page. Select the assets for which you want to print the label and click on “Print labels” to see a preview of the labels (make sure that you have popups enabled for your Freshservice domain for this to work). 

Step 9: Start printing the labels from the preview page.

We can also print labels in a bulk by navigating to Admin- Inventory and the select the assets you want to print and click on print Labels.

Points to note:

1. Printer configuration must be set according to size of the paper on which the labels are to be printed.

2. If the printer config does not reflect in print preview, please make the changes in control panel/printer settings.

3. If there are multiple barcode labels in the same row, the page must be scaled down to fit within the paper size.

4. Minimum width of the barcode has to be taken into consideration, since a very small barcode may not be scannable. 

5. The printer must be able to print the barcode with a resolution that is scannable. If the barcode is printed with a very low resolution, it may not be scannable

6. The spacing between labels must also be taken into consideration while printing labels. For example, if the size of the label designed is 2.4 inches and space between labels is 50mm the resulting label may not fit into a 2.4 inch paper unless it is scaled down.