An important part of managing CIs is the ability to understand relationships between them. This
information is really crucial while updating and replacing CIs.

Freshservice lets you view a relationship map that shows all parent and child CIs that are
associated with a particular CI. It helps you track dependencies and foresee the impact of

To view the relationship map of a CI, 

  1. Go to the CMDB tab and click on the CI to go to its detailed view.

  2. In the left pane, click on the Relationships tab. This shows the visual map that lists out all the CIs related to it. 

  3. To add one or more CIs to a relationship, click on Add Relationships. Then select a relationship or an inverse relationship from the list.

  4. From the list of CIs that pops up, select the checkboxes corresponding to the ones you
    need to add and click on attach.

You can detach a CI by switching to the ‘list’ view, hovering over the CI and clicking on the trash
can icon that shows up next to it.