You can think of a task as a child ticket. Let’s say you receive a ticket that requires an agent
from another team to fix some things before you can actually resolve the issue. You can add a
task, assign it to an appropriate agent and even set a due date for it.

You can create tasks even if you want to split a complex ticket among your fellow agents for a
faster resolution.

To create a task, 

  1. Click on Tasks below the ticket description and click Add new to access the form.

  1. Add a title and a note.

  2. Specify the status, the agent you want to assign it to and the due date for the task.

  3. If you’d like to send a notification, select how long before the due date it needs to be

  4. You can even choose to add the task to their Google Calendar in case the email
    address listed for them in Freshservice is for their Google account. Select the
    corresponding checkbox.

  5. Click on Add.