Before learning about each individual modules, it is essential to know the key components of the Freshservice UI. This will help you in effectively navigate once you log into the application. 

Sidebar - You can access all the key modules like Incident, Problems, Change, Release, Reports, Settings, etc. from the sidebar. You can’t customize or rearrange modules in the sidebar. 

Ticket Summary - This section gives you a glimpse of tickets that come into your service desk. Apart from giving you the number of overdue tickets, it also gives you stats on tickets that are unassigned, open, on hold and due today. 

Recent Activity - Right below Ticket Summary, you can see a list showing the log of recent activity that happened in your service desk. 

Global Search - With our enhanced global search, you can easily find the information that you’re looking for. To know more about how effective our search is, check out the solution article. 

Calendar - The calendar icon next to the search bar takes you to the ITIL calendar that lays out all the tasks that are being scheduled by you as well as other teams. 

Quick Create Button - The small + New button next to the global search allows you to instantly create an incident, request, problem, change, or release. 

Announcements - All internal service desk announcements will be displayed here. If you’re an admin, you can post the announcement and all the agents who are part of the service desk will be able to see the announcement on their dashboard.