Every service desk requires a well maintained knowledge base. A well maintained and updated knowledge base solves two of the biggest problems that take place every day. First, with all agents having access to a common place for sharing solutions, you can be sure that responses are consistent throughout. Second, since requesters have access to the knowledge base, they might find a solution even as they type out the problem to report it. As a result, your support load reduces making lives easier.

With Freshservice, you can add both permanent solutions as well as temporary workarounds to your knowledge base from the Solutions tab. 

You can make sure that all the information your agents come across everyday get documented properly into solution articles.

Once you have populated your knowledge base entries, you can setup your support portal to
"auto-suggest" solutions based on the requester’s subject line before they submit a ticket. 

You can enable auto-suggest from Admin → Customer Portal. You can also get Freshservice to suggest the best possible solutions in response to a ticket by using "Suggest Solutions" inside a ticket.

Solutions can be public or private. Public solutions are visible in the Self Service Portal and also appear in Search results. Private solutions are agent-only solutions used for internal knowledge sharing.

Solutions have a 3 level hierarchy: Category → Folder → Article

Solutions can be of two types:  Workaround and Permanent solutions.

A Solution can have a Draft status when you are working on it and can be changed to Published
status once it is finished and reviewed.