Note: Universal analytics (UA) will be deprecated by July 1, 2023. Switch to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and update your migrated tracking ID(s) below.

When you integrate Freshservice with Google Analytics, you can get a quick idea of what end-users are looking for in your service desk, which solution articles get the most traffic, and where your customers spend their time in the service desk. You can use this information to drive content in your knowledge base and fine-tune solution articles.


Quick Guide to Integrate Freshservice with Google Analytics:


To integrate Google Analytics with your service desk, you'll first have to create a new property in your Analytics account:

  • You can do this from the Admin section after you login to Google Analytics.

  • Click on “Get Started” and create a new property or use an existing one.

  • Click on Go to your GA4 property and a new window will pop open with the property details.

  • Click on Data Streams > Web > Listed property, and you should see the following window. The Measurement ID is the new GA 4 property we will be using in our integration. Once you add and save the property in the apps settings page the banner for GA 4 migration should disappear.

Once you're done, you'll be taken to a new page that lists your tracking ID that begins with 'G'. Copy the tracking ID. 

  • Login to Freshservice.

  • Go to Admin > Service Desk Productivity > Apps.

  • Click on "Get More Apps", in the top right search for "Google Analytics" and click Install.

  • You will be prompted to enter the Google Analytics Tracking ID you just copied. Key it in, and click Enable.


The stats from your Freshservice service desk should start appearing in your Analytics account in a while. Please note that this information will not show up in your Freshservice account, but only in Google Analytics. You can learn how to enable site search so that you can track search terms over here.