Templates allow administrators to pre-fill new tickets and change forms with specific values.  These are standard operating procedures for frequently occurring tickets/changes. Using this, you can save time and remove redundant task in executing standard changes/tickets.


The agent needs the permissions highlighted below, which are part of the Admin role, to create and edit ticket/change form templates. 

[Screenshot of the required permissions under Admin Role under Admin>Roles>New Role>Admin]

NOTE: The ticket/change form templates can be accessed only by agents, not requesters. A maximum of 200 ticket forms can be created. 

Creating a new Ticket/Change template:

  • Log into your account as an Administrator.

  • Go to the Admin tab, and click on the Form Templates under Service Desk Settings. If your account has more than one workspace, navigate to Admin > {Worskpace Name} > Service Management > Service Desk Settings > Form Templates. 

  • Click on the New Template button and select Ticket/Change to create a new Ticket/Change template. 

  • Give a suitable name, and description for your template.

  • You can choose if this template can be seen by all agents or only by agents in particular groups. This ensures the visibility and availability of templates to the right agents

  • The Ticket/Change template has all the default and custom fields including planning, roll out and back out plans that are visible to the agents. You can create a template by filling in as many fields as you want.

  • In addition to the default ticket fields, you can pre-fill tags, attach documents, and associate assets in templates

  • Once you fill in all the details you need, click on the Save button

  • If you wish to modify the form template, choose the one that requires an update and make the necessary changes.

Note: You can also use canned responses while creating a template.

Applying templates in new Ticket/Change forms


  • Click on New->Incident/Change

  • You can insert an existing template from the Select a template link next to the title or fill up the form manually as usual

  • When a template is applied, all the field values will be overwritten by the template field values. For example, if your agent chooses to set the priority as 'High' and then applies the template in which the priority is set as 'Low', then the resulting form will have priority set as 'Low'. So if there are some fields that your agents need to fill out manually, it needs to be done after the template is applied.