Software license management helps you to track the software compliance status in your organization by calculating the purchased and installed count. This helps you in better utilization and management of software products.  Using this, you can plan your budget well and optimize the cost involved. Freshservice supports per device licenses for calculating software compliance. Here are the license types that are supported in Freshservice.

Types of software licenses

Volume License:

These license specify a certain number of permitted installations within the organizaiton (For the duration that the license is valid). Multiple volume licenses contracts can be created and the compliance is calculated based on the total licenses purchased.

Enterprise License:

Company wide licenses that allow for use on all devices in the organization for the duration that license is valid. 

Trial License:

The software can be trialled in the organization for the duration of this license and no limitations on installations

Opensource License:

Free for use license but may have some additional terms of use, but allow for unlimited installations.

Free License:

This license indicates that the software is free to use in the organization


For all the license types, there could be a fixed period (start date and end date) or the licenses could be perpetual (never expires). To create a perpetual license, the End date of the contract should be left blank.