You start your day’s work by logging in to your Freshservice account. To help kickstart your day, the calendar shows the tasks and changes you need to work on, with the click of a button.

To get started, click on the calendar icon in the navigation menu. 

It opens the default view of the calendar, which shows all the tasks and changes due today.

Adding Tasks to the Calendar

Tasks and changes cannot be added directly to the calendar. They can only be viewed. 

A task can only be added to a Ticket, Problem, Change or Release. You can, however, edit a task from within the calendar after creation. 

To create a task, 

  • Head to the relevant module and click on the Ticket/Problem/Change/Release of your choice. 
  • Click on the Tasks button and click the Add New option. 

  • Fill in necessary details such as the title of the task, description, group and agent you wish to assign it to, etc. 
  • Once done, click Add. 

Now, the agent, to whom you've assigned the task, will be notified via email. The agent can also see their tasks on the dashboard when they log into Freshservice. 

Switching Views

You can switch the view between DayWeek and Month by clicking on the corresponding button in the top right corner.

The calendar makes it really easy to see your backlog and plan your future tasks and changes. Just click on the corresponding navigation arrow to switch to the previous or the next period.

The current time is marked by a horizontal orange line in the Day view and the Week view. The current day is also highlighted in the Week and Month views.

Viewing other Agents’ Tasks and Changes

Now, if you’d like to view tasks and changes assigned to other agents, you can select their name from the drop-down. The menu also lets you view unassigned tasks and changes.

If you’d like to view all the tasks/changes assigned to a specific group, toggle to the ‘group’ view using the button in the top left corner.

Although the calendar shows tasks added to all of the ITIL modules- Tickets, Problems, Changes and Releases, there are some exceptions:

1. All agents can access the tasks added to tickets, but whether they can view tasks for others depends on their Ticket Scope.

You can change the scope for an agent by going to their profile and clicking ‘Edit Agent’.

2. If an agent has access to just one of the ITIL modules (other than Tickets), they can view tasks for only that module (and for Tickets)- even for other agents.

That means, if an agent is a Change Manager and does not have access to Problem Management or Release Management, they can access tasks for only Tickets and Changes in the calendar.

Of course, the first exception still holds good here.

Editing Tasks from the Calendar

Clicking on a task in the calendar opens a dialog box that lets you edit the task. This involves rescheduling it and even marking it as completed (Clicking on a change will take you to the change's detailed view).

You can even access the parent of the task directly by clicking on the link displayed here.