If you’re an IT admin (or a service desk agent) in an organization that uses Yammer, you must have received the odd request over Yammer about something or the other not working. More so, if there’s an IT Support group (pun not intended) in Yammer.

You can now bring your interactions from the internal social networking app right into your service desk. You can even broadcast your service desk announcements on Yammer.

Note: Freshservice will discontinue support for login using Yammer effective from the 15th of February, 2020. However, integration with Yammer will still continue to be supported. Please ensure that the steps below are completed before 15th February: 

1. Agents and Requesters who log in to the support portal have set a password or 
2.Ensure that Google login is enabled on your account, and Agents and Requesters can continue to access Freshservice using Google. 

Here are the benefits of integrating Yammer with Freshservice:

  • You can let all users login to Freshservice using their Yammer account.
  • You can import users from your Yammer account as requesters in Freshservice.
  • All Yammer posts where the IT admin (who enabled the integration in Freshservice) is tagged will become tickets in Freshservice. You can use a common IT team ID to enable the integration (like ITteam@yourcompany.com).
  • All active announcements posted on Freshservice, that are shared with everyone will be posted to Yammer automatically.

All of these conversations are synced at both places, so that IT agents and users can use the app of their choice to respond:
  • If a service desk agent adds a reply or a public note to the ticket in Freshservice, it will be added as a comment to the corresponding post on Yammer.
  • The user can reply to that comment from within Yammer and it will reflect as a note on the ticket.

Enabling the integration in Freshservice is simple:

1. Login to your Freshservice account as an Administrator.

2. Go to Admin > Apps > Get More Apps.

3. Locate Yammer app and install it.

4. Log in to your Yammer account. If you’re already logged in, click Allow.

5. From the list of Yammer users, select the ones you’d like to add to Freshservice. Then click on Invite Yammer users.

If you’d like to give users the option to log in to the Freshservice portal using their Yammer accounts, you can add a Yammer widget on the login page:

1. On the Admin console, scroll down to the Service Desk section and click on Support Channels

2. Click Support Portal

2. If you’ve enabled the integration, you’ll be able to allow users to Sign in using Yammer. Ensure the radio button next to Yes has been selected and then click on Save.

Users will be able to login using the Yammer widget and will be automatically added as requesters unless they already are.

Please note
: This integration is available only in plans - Blossom, Garden, and Estate.