The Freshservice mobile app for Android and iOS includes a barcode/QR code scanner to let you track assets on the go. And it’s really simple to use.

When you scan a new device using your iPhone or iPad, it picks up the Asset Tag and lets you add it to the CMDB/Asset Management module. If the device already exists, it pulls up the asset details and updates the Last Audit Date.

As a prerequisite, make sure you’ve upgraded to the latest version of the app and you’re logged in as an agent with access to the CMDB/Asset Management module.

How to scan and add a new device?

1. In the Freshservice app, tap the Menu icon and tap Assets.

2. Under Assets, tap Scan Assets to open the barcode scanner and point it to the device's barcode or QR code.

3. Once the app scans the code, it pulls up the Add New Asset form. The Asset Tag gets pulled from the code.

4. Enter the rest of the details and tap the checkbox to save the asset.

How to track devices already added in the CMDB/Asset Management module?

1. Open the barcode scanner in the app by going to the Menu and selecting Assets> Scan Assets.

2. Scan the device’s barcode/QR code. This will put up its details (based on the Asset Tag) and update the Last Audit Date to the current date.

In addition to keeping a track of assets through the barcode scanner, the Assets tab also lets you search for existing assets and manually add new ones, where barcode scanning may not be an option.