Freshservice’s integration with Bomgar is meant to make providing support even more seamless. Starting a remote session in Bomgar is now as easy as clicking a button on the support ticket.

And when the session ends, the session details, along with the system information and the transcript of the entire chat will be saved to the ticket.

Enabling the integration in Freshservice is simple: 

1. Login to Freshservice as an administrator.

2. Go to Admin > Apps > Get More Apps. Then locate the Bomgar app and install it.

3. On the next page, enter your Bomgar account URL and the credentials for an admin account. Click Enable.

Once you do that, link your Freshservice account with your Bomgar account:

1. Login to your Bomgar account as an admin.

2. Navigate to Management > API Configuration and enable the Enable XML API checkbox.

3. Navigate to Configuration > Custom Fields. Then add two custom fields with codenames "agent_id" and "requester_id". They will be used by us for all the API calls.

4. To provide Admin privileges to the user associated here, go to Users & Security > Users and click Edit. On the User Settings page, select the checkbox next to Is Administrator.

5. Then add the outbound event in Bomgar. To do that, go to Management > Outbound Events. Click Add New HTTP Recipient.

6. Enter a name. In the URL field, enter <your_freshservice_url>/integrations/bomgar/session_end (e.g.

7. In Events to Send, check the box next to Support Session End and then click Add Recipient.

8. To configure the ticket's link to show in the Bomgar Representative Console, go to Rep Console > Custom Links and enter the URL in the format: <your_freshservice_url>/helpdesk/tickets/%EXTERNAL_KEY% (e.g.


Once you enable the integration on both the accounts, you can start a Bomgar session from:


  • The ticket description page (provided that an asset is attached to the ticket).

  • The asset attached to the ticket (provided that the ticket has been assigned to an agent).

  • The asset entry in the CMDB (even when there is no ticket).

  • The self service portal (end users can start a

  •  chat-only session, which the support agent can elevate to a remote access one).


To use one of the first three options, make sure that the CI is pinned as a 'Jump Client' in Bomgar and its 'Hostname' is updated in Freshservice.


In cases where a session is created without a ticket- from the CMDB, the portal or from the Bomgar representative console- a ticket will be created automatically and the session details will be added to it.