In Freshservice, depreciation can be calculated in three modes - Declining balance, Straight Line and Sum-of-years-digits method. Based on these three models, you can create unlimited depreciation methods to calculate depreciation of assets. 

Based on this, the Book Value of the asset will be displayed in the Asset/CI page.

Follow the following steps to create a depreciation method.

1. Go to Admin.

2. Scroll down to Asset Management and click on the Asset Depreciation

3. Click on Add new.

4. Enter a desired name for the method and mention the depreciation mode you want to follow.

5. Do not forget to enter the number of years.

6. Click on Save.

Follow the following steps to assign a depreciation method to an asset.

1. Go to Admin > Asset Management > Product Catalog.

2. Click on the desired asset.

3. Click on Edit Product button on the top right corner.

4. Scroll down to Depreciation Type and select the desired depreciation method that you created earlier.

5. Click Update.