Every asset in Freshservice has a state of availability, just like tickets, problems or changes. This is an important property which will indicate availability of the asset and help you plan asset allocations or procurement decisions in your organization.

By default, there are five asset states in Freshservice,
  • In Use : The asset is currently being used by somebody in your organization
  • Missing : The asset isn’t being used, but cannot be used since it’s missing
  • In Transit : The asset has been ordered from a vendor or is being moved 
  • In Stock : The asset is readily available for use.
  • Retired : The asset is too old, or isn’t functional and has been retired

You can also define custom Asset states based on your requirements. To do this, navigate to Admin -> Asset Management -> Asset Types & Fields (or CI Types & Fields)If your account has more than one workspace, navigate to Admin -> Global Settings -> Asset Management -> Asset Types & Fields.

Click Edit for the Asset Type where a new state has to be created.

Click on the Asset State field.

Create the new State Choices in the Field Properties pop up and click Done