When your agents are trying to resolve a tough ticket, it makes sense for them to search through your knowledge base for any existing solutions that might help them out. In the world where Google makes suggestions on what people should be searching about, manually finding the right answers isn't the best for your agents to help customers.

Freshservice automatically provides you with “smart suggestions” of possible solutions right next to the ticket. All you need to do is just click on the appropriate solution and have the corresponding knowledge base URL added in your response automatically.

Quick guide to using suggested solutions while answering tickets:

  • Click on any ticket from the Dashboard or the Tickets tab.

  • Click on the Suggest Solutions option from the right side menu.

  • A list of smart solutions suggested for this particular ticket gets displayed as a list.

  • Click on any Solution to open the corresponding article in the knowledge base.

  • Hover over the appropriate solution and select either Insert Content or Insert URL from the submenu.

  • The entire content or link to the solution article is added in the ticket reply.

  • Click Send or Send and Resolve once you are done.