Note: We've updated our pricing and packaging. This feature is available on Blossom, Garden, Estate & Forest plans for customers who signed up before Nov 2nd 2020.

Most service desk managers struggle to keep their knowledge base up to date over a period of a long time. Nobody has the time to sit down and push out all the knowledge they have acquired over the years into several solution articles. The Email-to-KBase capability in Freshservice lets you capture all the knowledge hidden in your old email conversations, without having to compose them all over again. Just forward a copy of your email to your Knowledge Base and your new solution is ready as a draft for you to review and post.


You can even repack your agents' ticket replies into solutions. Just forward or CC the reply to your Knowledge Base and the solution is good to go!

A quick guide to sending an email to the knowledge base:

  • Send out a response to a ticket as always, including instructions to do something.

  • Use the BCC field and add <>.

  • Hit the Send button to finish sending the response.

  • A draft would be created under the Default Category in your Solutions section.

  • You can revisit these drafts, format them into a proper solution article and then click Update to publish it as a permanent article.